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Eagle Consultants, Inc. conducts plan reviews for a number of our clients, especially Cities and Municipalities. Current and long range planning are important to these clients and help to determine the levels of service and associated costs. We evaluate existing facilities, model & project future system needs, examine a number of alternatives for meeting the client's service needs. We can prepare cost estimates for major capital improvements and maintenance items and we can prioritize these items into the long-range budget for the client. For example in treatment facility evaluation we can identify overall facility capacity, operational bottlenecks, facility condition & needed improvements.

Enid Wastewater Collection and Treatment System Evaluation
ECI recently completed a comprehensive evaluation of Enid's wastewater collection and treatment facilities. Over a 12-month period, the collection system and treatment plant were inspected. As-built drawings of all treatment plant improvements since 1952 were reviewed. A computer model of the collection system was updated and analyzed to evaluate the effects of potential system improvements. Several errors were discovered in the model, which had resulted in inaccurate projected flows at the plant. ECI corrected these errors, ran the entire model (in excess of 1000 manholes) under a corrected version of the program, and provided the City with graphics and videos of expected flows over the length of a 25-year storm event.

Based on these investigations, ECI concluded that a holding basin should be constructed upstream of the plant in the collection system to handle peak stormwater flows. The location of the holding basin upstream of the plant will aid in regulating flows to the plant, decreasing the likelihood of hydraulic overloads; and will decrease the number of overflows in the collection system. This overflow basin will extend the useful life of the main sewer line and will allow the existing plant to operate with no major modifications in the immediate future. Top


Eagle Consultants, Inc., provides professional consulting engineering services for the storage, transmission, distribution, pumping and treatment facilities. Our expertise in water treatment plant design covers feasibility, design, plant startup and ongoing operation and maintenance. We have designed both gravity flow and pumped flow installations. We can assist our clients with surface and groundwater issues and treatment. Our Engineers are familiar with the current status of drinking water regulations and can assist clients in evaluating their facilities for regulatory compliance.

Chandler Water Treatment Plant
ECI designed and provided construction management of a 2.5 million gallon per day water treatment plant. ECI was fundamental in assisting Chandler acquire project funding, including a grant/loan package from USDA, and temporary construction financing from the Oklahoma Water Resources Board. With our familiarity with plant design and skill in engineering fundamentals, ECI was able to design the plant from the ground up. Construction was completed ahead of schedule and within budget.

Early Construction Standpipe is completed Completed WTP on the left


Eagle Consultants, Inc., provides professional consulting engineering services in wastewater collection, treatment, reuse, disposal and management. Our Engineers provide hydraulic analysis, design and construction engineering services for collection systems that range from simple gravity sewer line extensions to force mains with pump station complexes. Treatment plant designs can entail aerated lagoons, conventional and activated sludge plants, as well as associated piping, pumping and lift stations. We can design upgrades and expansions to address problems including operational failure, capacity or discharge permit violations.

Enid Upper North Boggy Creek Sanitary Sewer Relief Line
ECI designed and performed construction management of 6,000 feet of 24" sewer pipe Microtunneling project in Enid. Microtunneling is a trenchless pipe installation process used in applications where deep sewer lines and/or high water table make open-cut installation methods difficult or cost-prohibitive and reduces interruption to transportation and utility services. The Boring Unit combines excavation, pumping of excavated materials and laserguided direction control. ECI is the first engineering firm to implement the Microtunneling process in Oklahoma.

The Boring Unit Installation of unit in vertical shaft. The sewer pipe is hydraulically pushed. Construction site three months after the first picture

Chandler Wastewater Treatment Plant ECI designed and provided construction management for a 0.5 million gallon per day Sequential Batch Reactor (SBR) wastewater treatment plant. The project includes a chlorination/dechlorination system, a cascading aerator, and a very effective polymer-enhanced plastic-media sludge drying bed system.

Blower units for SBR plant Cascading aerator units Plastic-media drying beds

Hall Park Wastewater Land Application System The Town of Hall Park had a 25-year history of wastewater lagoon overflows. ECI designed an automated land application system to aid in the wastewater treatment process. These improvements, in addition to a continuing infiltration/inflow abatement program, have brought Hall Park into full compliance for the first time in decades. ECI also provides general engineering services to Hall Park, including water well development, water line distribution, and roadway improvements. Top


Eagle Consultant's staff has considerable experience in the design of roads and highways. We know the importance of meeting today's current design criteria for vertical and horizontal sight distance, ramps, drainage, and utilities. ECI aims to minimize conflicts with existing above and below ground utilities, matching into existing driveways and side streets, and the grading of intersections for drivability in both directions. The design of the intersections, analysis of traffic flow, and the limitations on side street access plays an important role in the design of surface street roadways. ECI has also used its expertise for the design and construction management of commercial/industrial land development and associated infrastructure.

Stroud Midway Industrial Park and Stroud Central Street Improvements
ECI designed and provides construction management for a 100-acre industrial park built in Stroud, Oklahoma. The project will help to facilitate industrial development in Stroud. This project consists of providing a water distribution system and a wastewater collection system to serve the development lots. The project also consists of extensive demolition and site grading, and construction of a -mile roadway through the site that is capable of handling heavy truck traffic. The Industrial Park was funded through an EDA grant. The Central Street roadway improvements involve demolition and replacement of a pavement along a prominent street in Stroud. This project also required design of a roadway capable of handling heavy truck traffic.

Stroud Industrial Park, Site grading Roadway through the Park Stroud Central St. Roadway Imprv.


Eagle Consultants, Inc. are dedicated to providing the Design/Build services that industry needs and wants. We have extensive and broad ranging experience in the planning, design, construction, contract administration, and operation of commercial facilities. Eagle Consultant, Inc. can offer various solutions to meet our clients' needs including Design/Build services. We have shown that Design/Build is a cost-effective approach for all types and cost ranges of projects. We pride ourselves in the relationships we develop with each client, and recognize that interaction with the client during project execution will guarantee the best solutions.

Eagle Consultants, Inc. has a number of design/build projects in design currently, including a 20,000 s.f. Hospice Center and a commercial office space building. We also led the design-build project for construction of the Eagle Office Center, which houses Eagle Consultants, Inc., along with other companies. The Eagle Office Center consists of two buildings. The first office building was originally a house and required extensive remodeling and expansion. The second office building was built from the ground up. An asphalt parking lot, which serves the offices housed in both buildings, was also part of this design-build project.

Remodel & Add on to old house The 1st building nears completion The 2nd building nears completion
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